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We are a team of musicians and music lovers with professional backgrounds in Engineering, Information Technology, and Media. Realising that an understanding of the basic concepts and finer nuances of Indian Classical Music, which is a systematically codified art form, will enhance the listener's appreciation and enjoyment of a classical music performance, we started RagaSphere. Our objective is to use technology and multimedia to help the curious and serious listener of Indian Classical Music gain that understanding. Our expectation and intention is that this understanding will also help musicians of other genres of music enhance their performance skills.

Our Team

Nandu Kulkarni

Nandu has been in the IT industry for over 35 years and is now an independent consultant in Banking and Payments systems, aside from his other passion, music. He ran ShadjaMadhyam.com, a portal for Indian Classical Music. The activities of ShadjaMadhyam will continue on RagaSphere.com. He is also an avid trekker, something he started in his IIT days. He has trekked in the Himalayas, Bhutan, and Kilimanjaro, apart from several treks in the Sahyadris in Maharashtra.

Nitin Amin

Nitin is an engineer by basic education, and a musician by chosen vocation. He spent the first 15 years of his working life as a marketing professional with a large MNC engineering company. Quitting his job to pursue his basic passion, music, as a performing flautist in Hindustani Classical Music, Nitin also obtained a Master’s degree in music. He has conducted an immensely popular series of listener education workshops on Hindustani Classical Music. The workshops had a total attendance of nearly 10,000 music lovers.

Janak Vadgama

Janak, a lifelong student of Marketing, has worked for an NGO, and an MNC media organisation, and has got experience in a variety of roles in many different geographies. He is a founder partner of Taal Inc - An organisation that influences health and well-being through music and arts. His passion for marketing and his newfound love for Indian Classical Music coupled with his experience and skills contribute to the operations of RagaSphere.


Ragasphere Theme song:

➔ Produced and Composed by Gandhaar Amin


Script : Nitin Amin

Audio Recording : Gandhaar Amin

Video Production : Gandhaar Amin

Animation : Mahesh Bapat

Vocals : Yashasvi Sirpotdar

Tabla : Charudatta Phadke

Website Creation and Management

➔ Swati Namjoshi

➔ Aether Enterprise Applications LLP

➔ Anish Parmarthi

2018 RagaSphere LLP