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In this series of blog posts, we will see how Indian Classical Music has been used in our films over the last 7 or 8 decades, gradually changing its character with the times, and absorbing into itself elements of music from all over the world. It is interesting to see how music directors have used traditional ragas and talas in their music

People often ask, how does one identify the raga and the tala that a song or a piece of music is based upon? We will go into a bit of basic stuff and explain the theory of Indian Classsical Music to try and answer these questions. We will also touch upon some of the Western concepts of harmony, chords, etc., as they have been generously used in our film music. And of course we will touch upon talas, thekas and rhythms - it is impossible to think of any kind of music without the element of rhythm. And by the way, we will also refer you to some of the excellent concept videos on RagaQuest (www.ragasphere.com/ragaquest) for detailed explanations. Nitin Amin, a co-founder of RagaSphere and an Indian classical flautist, has created these videos with a great deal of passion and deep knowledge of the subject.
We hope you will respond to these posts with any questions that may come up in your mind, and share examples from your own experience of listening to music. Please also look at our community forum at www.ragasphere.com/Forum where some of the topics are discussed.

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