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#Musings with Nitin Amin: Raga Bageshree

21 Song Salute to the Great Lata Mangeshkar

In raga Bageshree / Bageshri, the entire focus is on the madhyam. Bageshri is very well defined - the opening statement is ‘Ni Dha Sa’, then we jump to the madhyam’s prominence, then the ‘Ma – Ga’ connection with the beautiful meend and then the prominent ‘Re’.

‘Dha Ni Sa Ma Ma, Ma Ga Ga, Re Re Re Ni Sa’- this is the first phrase in the song “na bole na bole na bole re….”. (The song “na bole na bole na bole re” is based on raga Bageshri).

The first phrase of raga bageshri is what we saw, and as the song moves further let’s see what happens. The next phrase is ‘Ga Ma Dha Dha Ma’, here ‘Dha’ is prominent and the ‘ma’ prominence is also retained. And then back to the ‘Ga’. [‘ma dha, ga ma dha, sa ga ma dha, dha ma, ga’].

Here the ‘Ga’ actually is ‘Ma Ga’. And then ‘Re’ and ‘Re’ is always ‘Sa Re Sa’. Then ‘Sa Ni Dha Ni Sa’. Then we move on to the ‘Ni’, and then to the ‘Sa’, then ‘Ma Dha Ni Dha’.

The composition has been created by combining the phrases together. As an advancing listener, you need to notice the focus on ‘Ma’ and how ‘Pa’ has wonderful play in Bageshri. One way of doing it is ‘Dha Ma, Pa Dha Ga, Dha Ga, Ga Ma’. And another way of doing it is on a fast taans - you can come down with ‘Sa Dha Ni Sa, Ga Ma Dha, Ma Dha Ni Sa Ni Dha Ga’.

We hope you enjoy the bandish in Raga Bageshri in this full video

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