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We are a team of musicians and music lovers with professional backgrounds in Engineering, Information Technology, and Media.


We started RagaSphere when we realized that an understanding of the basic concepts and finer nuances of Indian Classical Music, which is a systematically codified art form, will enhance the listener's appreciation and enjoyment of a classical music performance.


Our objective is to use technology and multimedia to help the curious and serious listener of Indian Classical Music gain that understanding. Our expectation and intention is that this understanding will also help musicians of other genres of music enhance their performance skills.

Operating Address


Ragasphere theme song

➔ Produced and Composed by Gandhaar Amin


➔ Script : Nitin Amin

➔ Audio Recording : Gandhaar Amin

➔ Video Production : Gandhaar Amin

➔ Animation : Mahesh Bapat

➔ Vocals : Yashasvi Sirpotdar

➔ Tabla : Charudatta Phadke

➔ Produced and Composed by Gandhaar Amin

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