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Nitin Amin US and Canada Tour

Experience Indian Classical Music with Nitin Amin

Nitin Amin is an esteemed Bansuri player from Pune, India, renowned for his mastery of Indian Classical Music and his innovative approach to the flute. With a strong background in engineering, Nitin seamlessly blends technical expertise with the artistic intricacies of Hindustani or North Indian Classical music. His deep understanding of ragas and swaras, combined with his unique e-flute innovation, allows him to achieve a level of detailed intonation comparable to that of a trained classical vocalist.

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Hindustani Classical Music Workshops

These half-day or full-day workshops called "Suntey Raho" are aimed at all listeners of Hindustani Classical music whether you are a student, teacher or a musician of any genre. These workshops are not restricted to flautists, so if you are a curious listener and want to learn the nuances of North-Indian Classical Music or have questions regarding your experience with Hindustani Classical Music, you are welcome to organise or attend theses workshops.


Bansuri masterclasses

These are specially curated master classes for students of the bamboo flute or the Bansuri. Nitin Amin designs and makes his own flute called the 'E Flute' which is an ergonomic Bamboo Flute, particularly suited for North Indian Classical Music, Gayaki style playing. His interactive teaching style and experiential pedagogy allows for students to ask the quintessential 'Why?' questions about everything that piques their curiosity. These masterclasses are best suited for students of the Bamboo Flute or the Bansuri

online courses for exploring hindustani classical music

North Indian Classical Music is very firmly based on the concept of Raga, and presenting a Raga is the purpose of its performance. Understanding of such abstract concepts is not really complete unless you experience these for yourself. In this maiden course hosted on, you will find videos explaining the concepts and a series of practice exercises. You can sing or play along with these, to complete your experience. 

Whether you are a student or a performer of Indian or any other world music, or a listener curious to understand the basics, you will find the course helpful.

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