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#Musings with Nitin Amin: Raga Jhinjhoti

21 Song Salute to the Great Lata

We all know the famous Hindi movie song “Koi hamdam na raha, koi sahaara na raha...”. Surprisingly this is one song that comes closest to the raga Jhinjhoti. And by using this song as reference, we will get into the phrases of raga Jhinjhoti, paint the picture of raga Jhinjhoti and look at it section by section.

Few characteristics of raga Jhinjhoti are the way in section one we glide from ‘Sa’ to komal ‘Ni’ , then the oscillation, the tell-tale pakad of jhinjhoti. While general movement is in the lower–middle octave, we can still keep going up and then keep coming back. This is the beauty of raga Jhinjhoti and is explained beautifully by Nitin Amin in the The full RagaParichay session on Raga Parichay: Raga Jhinjhoti.

We hope you enjoyed this composition in Raga Jhinjhoti and ask that you share your thoughts for the whole community to benefit from.

We encourage you to ask questions, request clarifications and contribute your personal experience of Raga Jhinjhoti. Please feel free to post your comments here or on

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