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#Musings with Nitin amin: Raga Pilu

21 song salute to the great Lata Mangeshkar

A very nice melody comes out of Raga Kafi which is equally popular and that is Raga Pilu. Rather than looking at Pilu as a raga, you can think of it more as a dhun or a song by itself. It uses all the possible swaras but at the same time, it is very defined and very disciplined.

Pilu focuses more on the shuddha Nishad and the komal Gandhaar that holds a very specific position straight from the Sa. It is lovely how it flows from this starting point into the shuddha Gandhaar. You will note that there is a beautiful use of the komal Rishab in the Kaafi part of this raga.

At 3:30 in the above video, you will see a very typical use of the Dhaivat in the Ga…Ma…Dha…Pa…Ga section.

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